PARKER 1/2x3/8 JIC Reducer

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รหัสผู้ผลิต: 8-6 TRTXN-S
แบรนด์: Parker
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PARKER 1/2x3/8 37°Flare Reducer
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Parker Triple-Lok fittings meet the strict requirements of SAE J514 and ISO 8434-2 industry standards for 37° flare fittings. Its design is simple. It uses an easily produced flare at the tube end to seal and hold fluid under high pressure. The fitting consists of three pieces: the body, sleeve and nut. The tube is flared at a 37° angle (74° included angle) and held between the fitting nose (seat) and the sleeve (support) with the nut as shown in Fig. B1, providing a very effective seal between the fitting nose and the tube flare.

The design of Triple-Lok fittings is very efficient. The fitting in- corporates the smallest seal area of all fitting types. This seal area, as seen in Fig. B1, is only slightly larger than the fluid flow area. The small seal area results in a compact design, low assembly torque, and a relatively high-pressure capability.



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